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To kill a mockingbird – boo radley [updated]

In the novel, "To Kill a Mockingbird" the children develops a strange relationship with a mysterious character known as Boo Radley. Jean Louise Finch, known as Scout with her brother Jeremey Finch, known as Jem, and their friend Charles Baker Harris are drawn to Boo Radley because of the mystery that dominates him and the Radley's house and, of course their own curiosity. Although the relationship starts out of fear and mystery, that is mostly created by superstitious gossip of the neighbours, the understanding of Boo Radley increases as time passes, until the monster that is Boo, is transformed into a human being, which is his real nature.
While the background of the Boo Radley legend may be true, the reader can see that the superstitions of him being a monster is hard to believe and there is much more to Boo Radley. From the neghbours in Maycomb, background ofBoo Radley is generally the same.
Long ago, Mr. and Mrs. Radley sometimes ventured out into town, but usually kept to themselves at home. They worshiped at home as well. The Radleys had two sons, Aurthur Radley and Nathan Radley.
Aurthur Radley joined a group of boys, that resembled that of a gang. They committed rude and sometimes wicked deeds, but nobody told Aurthur's father about his behaviour.
One night, the boys resisted arrest and locked Mr. Conner, a guard, in the courthouse outhouse. They came before the jury where Mr. Radley denied sending Aurthur to the industrial school, and promised the judge that he will give no more trouble.
Aurthur Radley was locked in his house by his father as punishment and fifteen years passed since.
Although this is the true story behind the legend, Jem, Scout and Dill, however, hears rumors that came from Miss Stephanie Crawford, the towns gossip.
One of these rumors was an incident that happened when Aurthur was around thirty years old. It was said that Aurthur was sitting on the sofa cutti…


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