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To Kill A Mockingbird: Disciples of excellent parenting

What does Atticus display in the novel To Kill a Mockingbird that would commend him to being a good parent? His disciplinary tactics, his relationship between his children, or how he communicates and acts towards his kids? Atticus Finch portrays himself as a very intelligent and skilled father because of his demeanor when administering punishment, relationship between his two children, and how he communicates with them. Atticus may be lenient with Jem and Scout at times, but he knows that they respect him and his values. Atticus also knows how and under what conditions he can discipline his kids effectively. So to understand why Atticus is a respected parent, one must explore his disciplinary skills, his relationship between his kids, and how he communicates with them as well.
Based on the parental behavior of Atticus Finch, he portrays himself to be a excellent father because he does not joke around when it comes to punishment and giving important life lectures. An example of this is expressed when Atticus gives a lecture on the children’s actions so far on the Radleys, stating ” What Mr. Radley does is his own business and if he wanted to come out he would. If he wanted to stay in his own house he has the right to stay inside free of from the attention of inquisitive children. I want you two (Jem and Scout) to stay away from that house until we are invited there. You children are playing an asinine game and I want it to stop right now” (49). Atticus’ assertiveness shows that he does not show weakness or compassion when his children do something that is totally unacceptable. Another clear example of Atticus’ strength of will is the situation after Jem destroys Mrs. Dubose flowers. Jem finds out that she wants him to read to her for a month. After Jem tells Atticus of this, he just calmly replies ” If Mrs. Dubose wants you to read to her for a month, then you will read to her for a month” (105). This proves that Atticus is quiet dem…


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