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To Kill A Mockingbird The Lowdown Essay

To Kill A Mockingbird- The Lowdown Essay, Research Paper

To Kill a Mockingbird is a story written by Harper Lee which depicts a story of heroism and ignorance. As seen through the eyes of Scout, a six year old girl, living with her brother and father. The story takes place over the span of four years. There are many conflicts in the story. First, a young girl is raped and a black man is accused of the crime. The people of the town immediately assume the black man is guilty. Atticus, Scouts father, is a lawyer and takes the case. Because of the is he would have been lynched if it weren’t for the innocence of his children. Atticus proves the defendant’s innocence but given the time period the man is found guilty anyway.

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Also, there is a neighbor boy who is supposed to be a severely disturbed. However, it turns out that this bad apple is truly good. He is always leaving little trinkets in a tree for the boy to find and when that same boy gets his trousers caught in the fence the supposed disturbed child mends them and hangs them over the fence for the boy to find again.

This book is critically acclaimed and has won several accolades including the Pulitzer Prize for fiction in 1961, the Brotherhood Award of the National Conference of Christians and Jews in 1961, and the Paperback of the Year award in 1962. It is no wonder why this book is so widely enjoyed by it’s audience.


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