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To Kill A Mockingbird Welfare Essay

Imagine this:you are very poor; you live in a cabin that's real small, you live right behind the community's garbage pile, etc.As you can imagine, this style of living may appear pretty cruddy to most of us, but what if it was all you could afford?
This is the way that quite a few families lived back when the book was written and also, today.Some families don't have enough money to support their families so they go on welfare from the government.Some however will argue that giving families like the Ewells welfare is wrong because they aren't doing anything about improving their economic status.
On the other hand, some will argue that they have a right to welfare because they can't get their feet on the ground because the government may give them just enough money to maintain the bare living requirements; so they wouldn't be expected to be able to move on in life and be able to move away from welfare.
Other people will argue that they shouldn't be given welfare because they aren't doing anything to move forward in their lives and they are in a sense, acting as a "leech," living off the government, and not working for money.Some people strongly disagree with because it's the taxes that they pay that the people are getting.
Overall, the Ewells are incapable of making money so they should be given welfare because it is clear that they can't make money for themselves.However it also is not fair that government doesn't give them enough to get their feet off the ground and still some people expect them to be able to support themselves.


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