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to kill a mockingbird1

Jean Louise Finch “Scout” and her brother Jem, live with their father, Atticus,in Maycomb, Alabama.The summer before Scout starts school she and her brother make a new friend, Dill.After several stories Dill becomes fascinated with the Radley house, where Mr. Nathan Radley lives with his brother “Boo”, who hasn’t been seen for years.
When Scout starts school in the fall she and Jem find presents left for them in a knot hole of a tree in the Radley’s front yard.The next summer when Dill comes back the three kids act out Boo’s “life”.When Atticus becomes aware of this he puts a end to it right away.On the last day of Dill’s visit the three kids go to the Radley’s house hope to “sneak a peak”.When they hear a gun shot they run and crawl out from underneath a fence, where Jem loses his pants.When Jem returns for them they are mended up and hanging on the fence.
When fall returns the presents return, but eventually Mr. Radley fills the hole up with cement.Shortly after that there is a fire at a neighbors.While scout was watching the fire someone had came up and put a blanket on her shoulders.When Jem is convinced it was Boo he tells his father about everything from the pants to the presents in the tree.
Atticus agrees to defend an African American man, Tom Robinson, who was accused of raping a white woman.Since Atticus had taken the case his kids were tormented by the kids at school.They were even tormented by their family while celebrating Christmas at Finch Landing.
The next summer Aunt Alexandria came to live with Atticus, Jem, and Scout.That same summer Dill had ran away from his home to Maycomb.The night before Tom’s trial a mob had gathered around his jail cell.When the three kids arrived Scout had convinced the mob to leave.
At the trial Atticus had given very clear evidence that the accusers, Bob and Mayella, were lying.It was so clear that Jem, Dill, and Scout knew that Tom was innoc…


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