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Title of work: To Kill A Mockingbird
In 1960 Harper Lee's To Kill A Mockingbird wasfirst published. Interviewers were stunned when theyfirst met Harper Lee, after reading this novel. They often felt as if they were coming face to face with a grownup version of Scout Finch, the six-year old of the novel. Her features at thirty-five marked her as a former tomboy. Harper Lee was born in 1926, she would have been the same age as Scout during the time this story took place. She grew up in Monroeville, Alabama, a place much like the town of Maycomb described in this novel. Harper Lee's father, Amasa C. Lee was a small town lawyer with an unusualfirst name. Just like Atticus Finch in this novel.
Harper Lee attended the University of Alabama and spent a year in England as an exchange student at Oxford University. In 1950, she quit law school and moved to New York, and starting her dream career devoting her time to writing. Much of the background information for the novel came from Lee's childhood experiences; the plot was mostly all from her imagination. In 1957, she finally finished the rough draft for To Kill A Mockingbird. Thefirst editor turned it down; she spent much of two and a half more years reworking it. Finally in 1960, To Kill A Mockingbird was ready for publication. This book was a real success with readers young and old as well as the reviewers. The movie rights were sold immediately. In 1961, Lee's success was crowned with a Pulitzer Prize for fiction, making her thefirst woman to win the award since 1942.
Harper Lee has a very unique style in this novel. He uses different types of writing to get your attention and help you picture a mental image.
Lee uses imagery throughout this novel. As soon as you start reading she has already sketched out the town scenery and a description of Boo Radley. Everything that happens takes on a clear focus with the way she uses imagery.
The style that Lee…


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