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To Kill a Mokingbird

The main theme in this book To Kill a Mocking Bird is predjudiceprejudice and apartheid, and how easy it is for children to take right conclusions and how they see the difference between right and wrong.It can't be helpful for a kid to be raised up in anenvironmenta enviorment that is full of hate and racism wardsto the black americansAmericans and those who are outsiders in the society.The book it self could be a instructions to human nature, that is howwho people can behave cruelly.
Scout or Jean Louise Finch, the main character was heavily affected by these lessons in human nature and they put ithere mark on her.Those three years the book takes place she learned many importantimpact things whothat will ofallow her the rest ofher life.
One of the persons who eaffectedScouts life the most, except Atticus, was Boo Radley or Arthur Radley.He brought fear and then finally relief to her life.In the beginning kids thought that he was evil and mean, because there was this rumours that he once "drove the scissors into his parent's leg, pulled them out, wiped them on his pants, and resumed his activities."1that is he tried to kill them.Even though it was just a rumour, both Jem and Scout were terrified ofwith the Radleys.Jem describes him as a monster "six-and-a-half-feet tall, judging from his tracks"2and with "blood-stained"3 hands.He was said to eat "raw squirrels and any cats he could catch"4 .The rest of the book Scout, Jem and occasionally Dill tried to meet Boo (Arthur) and trying to get over the fear of him.They did not succeedinsucceed that but he showed them that he was well aware of what they were doing and left them a gifts in a hole of a tree.Finally, in the end of the book,Boo proves he is a good person when he saves Scout and Jem's lives when Bob Ewell was going after them.Then Boo proved that he is a good citizen and Scout learned th…


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