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To What Extent is the Protagonist Andres Protrayed as the Ul

The novel "Talking in Whispers" by James Watson is set in Chile, around the time the country was ruled by the dictator General César Zuckerman and his government of the "Junta". The story focuses on the plight of Andres, Isa and Beto and their struggle to free their homeland from the oppression of the Chilean government. Along their treacherous journey they have many encounters with the CNI, the government enforcers, and are close to near certain capture, but somehow they are able to defy the odds at the last minute, thanks to Andres.
Strength and loyalty are both signs of a stereotypical hero, both of which Andres possesses.While trying to escape the Chilean secret police, Andres is captured and taken to the "House of Laughter", the CNI's Headquarters. After a short while, Andres is escorted to the Interrogation room where he is tortured for information. During the torture scene, Andres can't take any more pain, so he begins to reveal his secrets; but while doing this he never reveals anything of real importance. "You blab… You tell them everything but what really matters". These were instructions from his father Juan. This is what Andres is thinking about when he is being brutally beaten up. This shows his strength and his loyalty to his cause. He proves this loyalty when he is questioned about an injured man and claims not to know anything about it. "I saw no wounded man". For this he was electrocuted but he still remained strong.
Even after being badly beaten up, electrocuted and then dumped out in the country underneath a pile of corpses with similar histories, Andres still finds the strength to move. "No! I'm not ready. I've things to do. Andres Larreta lives!" His will to survive and his desire to defeat General Zuckerman and his government still burn brightly regardless of his physical condition. This inextinguishable hope and a wa…


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