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Todd’s Metamorphosis

The Todd;s beautiful metamorphose.
The life is like a big highway. We, as cars, go forward and see different things, explore something. But as we live, we take different turns and exits from the highway. Every exit has its own people, things we would never see in any other exit. Every turn is different and its very important to choose the right one, where one can explore the things he wants. People are different and each take his own path, the street he wants to drive on.
And what are the signs that make people decide where to go? They can be anything: people, news, words or thoughts. Furthermore, it;s just important to understand what is good and what is bad at the right moment.
Directed by Peter Weir Dr. Nolan, the movie ;Dead poets society; fully follows the ;life is a highway; concept. Mr. Keating, the new English teacher at Welton Academy, plays the role of that ;sign;. He is the main cause of everything that happened. All positive, interesting and brave, Mr. Keating had a big influence on boys. And it dramatically changed the lives of each one of them.
The story is dominantly viewed through the eyes of Todd Anderson, a newcomer to Welton, and his roommate Neil Perry: two totally opposite kinds of people. Todd is painfully shy and terrified that what he might say is insignificant and meaningless. Since he is being repeatedly told that he has ;big shoes to fill; being the younger brother of a former valedictorian, this is disturbing to him. Bright and full of ambition Neil appears to be a leader.
Nevertheless, the only student who actually gasped Keating;s teachings and discovered his verse, was Todd Anderson. According to it, we can say that he was the actual main character, and he is going to be our ;car on the highway; that dramatically ;changed the lanes; at the tight moment and took the right turn.
;Carpe diem; – Todd write…


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