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I don't think I've ever been so disappointed in a book written by a famous author before.I had high expectations because I had found out that Louise Erdrich was the artist of the year in 2001.I really couldn't believe the fact that I had no connection with these bizarre series of events or any of the characters.When Ifirst started to read the book, I couldn't help but feel that this book had a prequel because of the vagueness in detail about some of the characters.It seemed like it to me that the author used some of the character in the book in another book, for example we know Eli Kashpaw is described shy gentle man. That where I lost my interest in the book.I felt that it lacked details for some of the characters and too much detail for the others.I not only that, but I didn't just start counting pages, I started counting paragraphs, then sentences, and then words.If I didn't have to read this book, I think I would have never picked it out from a library or a bookstore.
I guess now that I've given my initial review of the book, I'd like to explain my self.First of all, I went into reading this book expecting something with a deep Native American history.Perhaps this is one of the reasons as to why I was so disappointed with its content.Going into this book, I was excited that I was going to learn about a culture that I haven't been exposed to.Unfortunately, this book was not the book that I was expecting.The book had two narrators and they would switch off with every other chapter.Thefirst narrator was this older gentleman named Nanapush who had lived a long time and experienced a lot, but may have been slightly senile.Although he was the only person who was genuine Native American whom experienced a lot at the time this book took place, but he was a bit out of place himself.I admit that he was the only one that I could relate to and follow easily, and…


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