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tragic hero…Oedipus

A tragic hero is the character who is between two different extremes. He’s not “preeminent in virtue and justice,” but,isn’t guilty of “vice or depravity,” just a bad “mistake.” He is a person of importance, from a “highly renowned and prosperous place,” a king,such as Oedipus.The best tragic plot moves the hero from prosperity to misfortune, not by bad luck but by some great mistake he makes.Aristole’s four characteristics for “the perfect tragic hero” are depicted in his writing.
Hisfirst exampler is “a good character will be one whose choices are good.”Oedipus has compassion and seeks truth. He also wants to be a savior to the people but is not entirely good . He also is very self-interested, not entirely altruistic. He wants to find the killer, not just to fulfill the oracle which he usually does not follow, but because the killer may come after him next!
Men can be domineering or “manly” is aristole’s second characteristic for the “perfect tragic hero.” Oedipus shows the appropriate stateliness and intelligence you would expect from the ruler of a great city. He is smart, cominating and indearing. Oedipus shows how manly his postion is in the role of a tragiv hero.
A tragic hero should not be godlike, but like real human beings, says Aristole.Oedipus is obviously human. He has human strengths and weaknesses. There’s nothing supernatural about him, nor godlike.
Once a character is established as having certain traits, these shouldn’t suddenly change is the last step in becoming a tragiv hero. Oedipus’ character traits, revealed during the play, remain steady. He’s a truth-seeker and riddle solver. He’safter self-knowledge and wants to be a savior for his people. He’s also very proud, a little arrogant, and he has a real temper. All of these character traits never fade, they all remain close to Oedipus’ self image and personality.
It is not ironic that Oedipus fits each description …


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