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It is easy to say that Trainspotting revolves around Heroin addiction in Leith.Whilst this is strictly true, to gain a full appreciation of the novel and to appreciate the dramatically honed down movie, we must understand the underlying themes.With the exception of Spud in the novel, none of the main characters appear to be along for the ride when it comes to heroin addiction.The novel's underlying theme for me is fear.All the characters, with the exception of Begbie and Diane show fear throughout the novel.They're too scared to take heroin in case they overdose or contract HIV, they're scared to buy it because the journey might involve a'kicking' and they're scared of what will be waiting for them in the cold light of day when the'high' wears off.At the same time they're too scared not to take heroin because what would they do?Could they get a job? Do they want a job and if not why not, do they choose not to join the rat race or are they too scared that they couldn't if they tried. They're all too scared of Begbie to tell him that they do not wish to socialise with him and would rather suffer the fear that he could turn on them in any second rather than lose the comfort of his misplaced loyalty to them.They would rather be'on Begbie's side' than against him although deep down they know that as far as Begbie is concerned, everyone is against him.Maybe they feel that they need to have ranking order.I've noticed that some people who choose not to work end up adopting the principles of those who do.They turn up at the pub, library, DHSS etc religiously every day at the same time and seem to be part of a hierarchy structure where in this case, Begbie is the boss.Indeed, whilst each character shows a little fear throughout, this is balanced nicely with Begbie's apparent complete lack of fear and as such, equilibrium remains.


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