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The movie Trainspotting tells us a story about Scottish underworld life. Smart, unconscious, funny or just sickly Mark Renton shows to be a true hero of our time. Trainspotting is the story about Mark and his so-called friends, a bunch of liars, losers, junkies, psychos and thieves. The film charts the hilarious, but yet quite serious development of their friendship as they proceed, seemingly inevitably, towards self destruction. Mark alone has the insight and opportunity to escape his fate, but then again does he really want to “choose life”? Mark has, when wefirst meet him, instead of life chosen a “sincere and truthful junk habit” and a bunch of friends who inhabit a world all of their own. “I chose not to choose life. I chose something else. And the reasons? There are no reasons. Who needs resons when you’ve got heroin?”
Mark does attempt to give up his heroin habit several times, as he always ends up getting hooked again. We witness how this affects his relationship with family and friends: Sean Connery wannabe Sick Boy, dummie Spud, psycho Begbie, teenage girlfriend Diane, and clean-cut athlete Tommy, who’s never touched drugs but can’t help being curious about them.
There is a lot of humour in the movie, and even though some of the scenes might be hard to watch, you get several good laughes both from the dialogue and the pictures. You can safely say that the movie at times is disgoustingly funny. For example; Mark’s friend Spud passes out and then ends up spending the night at his girlfriend’s house. Because he is going on and off of drugs, and because he drank way too much the night before, he has developed diarrhea. When he wakes up his sheets are full of feces. He takes his sheets into the dinning room where his girlfriend and her family are having breakfast. Her mother and he get in a tug of war over the sheets which ends with realistic feces going all over everyone and into the breakfast.


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