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Troublesome Creek: A Midwestern

Troublesome Creek: A Midwestern

I want to discuss the roles of women as seen in the film documentary,
troublesome Creek: A Midwestern, and how that relates to our current reading and
study of Western American Literature.
In Troublesome Creek we see a typical farming family, the Jordan family, an
elderly couple, barely surviving on the little profit and high expenses of their
In this film we see the relationships and family roles that this family uses
trying to survive as farmers in a modern society.Observing this film, I found
the role of Mrs. Jordan, the mother, a very interesting one and would like to
expand upon it for the topic of this essay.I want to point out how essential
her role is on the success of the family.
As we see in the film, Mrs. Jordan is never seen out on the farm working
alongside her husband and sons.The hard labor of the farm is distributed among
the men, while the women stay inside with the family. Although, Mrs. Jordan is
not involved in the actual labor of the farm she is very much involved in the
farms success.
The narrator speaks very highly of her mother, Mrs. Jordan.She shares
experiences of her youth on the farms and memories of her childhood.In these
memories we learn of Mrs. Jordan's devout dedication and love to her children.
We learn that the Jordan children rarely saw their father, and rarely spent time
with him, but that their mother was a constant source of support and love.Mrs.
Jordan's primary role on the farm was the child rearing.Many times the
narrator speaks fondly of her family and clearly we can see in this documentary
that Mrs. Jordan is the glue that holds them so strongly together.
In the film, we also see more of Mrs. Jordan's responsibilities and roles on
the farm as she repeatedly takes care of the financial issues; borrowing money
from the bank, balancing accounts, and spending money.The narrator informs us
that …

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