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Truly, Madly, Deeply

This paper is about the movie Truly, Madly, Deeply.It is about a grief stricken woman played by Juliet Stevenson.Juliet's character has lost her long time lover who is played by Alan Rickman.Anthony Minghella directed the movie.The setting of the movie is mostly dark due to the loss that Anita has gone through.
At the start of the film you notice that the character is trying to rebuild something whether that be her life or just her flat.Her flat is constantly being renovated.Her cabinets are getting refinished, her pipes are getting changed, and her entire house is full of rats.It seemed as though nothing was going right in her life after Jamie had died.The rebuilding of her flat paralleled that of her life.
The people in Anita's life like her boss and sister are constantly worried about her and checking up on her.Her sister stops by without calling and then tries to clean up her house.There are always messages on her machine asking where she is and how she is doing.The only person that has somewhat of a clue is her therapist.
Then one day out of the blue Jamie shows up in her flat.Although it is not really him it's his ghost.She is so happy to see him but at the same time she doesn't know if she is losing her mind.But yet she indulges her self by staying home with Jamie for a week.
Jamie is thier trying to help her move on with her life.She has been caught in rut since his passing.Keeping his things around like his cello, which keeps as a distraction.Now that she has Jamie back her life seems even more complicated.She has to lie to her friends and avoid phone calls.I mean what would you think if you heard that your friend was talking and hanging out with her dead lover.You would think that she was crazy.Eve in times of watching the movie you think she is going crazy.
Jamie was a big part of her life but that didn't mean they always agreed.Through his com…


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