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Truman Show

Images are reflection of our perspective, Christof the composer of the reality TV show'The Truman Show' has his perspective which he had addressed them in the movie. First is the manipulation of people for them to believe in the set issue, and second is to show the perfect imagination world.
There are many images created by the both composers of the movie'The Truman Show' and the novel'Galax-Arena'. Both of these texts are all about creating fake world and manipulation of people to make them believe in certain things. However there are differences between the two texts as well, the purposes of The Truman Show is to entertain the audiences who watch Truman's reality TV show, to show & illustrate the perfect world and how the world should be, and another purpose of the Truman Show is advertisement. But the purposes of Galax-Arena are all about mortality, kidnapping children for experiments and performing gymnast. Both of the texts have completely different purposes; therefore they have different storylines as well. For example Truman was born & grew up in Seahaven, it is the setting that he is familiar with, but he didn't recognize that it was a huge studio. In'Galax-Arena', the children were kidnapped and were put in a strange place, which they were made to believe that it is another planet.
The two texts also tried to create image which show the same perspective of manipulation & make certain character to believe in certain thing. The two main characters of the two texts (Joella & Truman) were the victims, they were psycho to believe, in another word they were prisoners. Joella was put in a tank which she physically chouldn't escapes, and Truman was made to be scare of waster, and that he is locked in a huge studio. The similar goal is the idea of manipulating people to believe false reality. For example, Hythe told a lie to Joella that they are in another planer,


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