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This would be probably be one of the most inspiring movie I have ever seen defiantly the best drama. The storyline is terrific nothing that you want to see is silenced, its difinatally for an attempt to capture the true fear on the night of the disaster. It give you a great feeling for both Jack and Rose; rose for being a poor little rich girl that is doom to live a life with a man that she doesn't love and a society that is something that she would rather be without, Jack that has fallen in love with a girl that is in a different class that he could never be accepted in.
It is clear that in the movie that we are meant to feel like the ship is the grandest structure made the ship is talked highly about by all the characters of the higher class except rose witch is hefirst line that she said that indicated from the start that she would be a rebel. The attention to detail like the staircase the dining room maid the ship look like it could accommodate the finest. We were positioned to have a soft spot for jack because he hade good morals he did not act like rose was too good for him he just acted like himself and was happy with his life we were maid to see that rose and jack had a great love affair dispite the social differences.
The movie totally made the jack the good guy with his down to earth attitude, and sort of went against Mr Hartley, not so bad at the start but towards the end you see how he totally disregards roses wishes. You really notice it jack is a poor street bum that was supposed to look I at the snake pit with the spoons and the caviar and that stuff. He is so trustworthy as well he seems like he would not get in arguments to make it even better when Mr Hartley started chasing them he did not do the Bruce Willace thing and whoop his ass he ran which made the movie much more about the fact of the Titanic being a great disaster not making the movie an action.


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