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Tuesdays with morrie

Mitch Albom's book Tuesdays with Morrie, was very effective in really making you feel for Morrie.I was very moved by the way that he presented Morrie.I think it was a very well written book.The book jumped from past to present, showing how Mitch changed over the sixteen years.
In every chapter, I believe, Mitch Albom used a different writing approach.On the "Fourth Tuesday" he used definition to talk about Death.They each defined death in their own opinion."Once you learn how to die, you learn how to live."Morrie says this to Mitch a few times in the chapter.Morrie said it to Mitch, so Mitch will live life to the fullest.
On the "Seventh Tuesday" he uses narration to talk about the fear of aging."At seventy-eight, he was giving as an adult and taking as a child."Mitch says this about Morrie explaining how he went from being able to do things himself to depending on other people.Some of these things are as simple as answering the telephone to complicated things like going to the bathroom.
On the "Eighth Tuesday" they discussed money.Mitch uses examples to explain their discussion."We put our values in the wrong things.And it leads to very disillusioned lives."Morrie says this referring to how money can not buy you everything.It is better to do something you love and make less money, than it is to make more money and not like what you are doing.
Tuesdays with Morrie was a very sad book that dealt with death.Most people fear death, but not Morrie.Morrie accepted the fact that he was going to die, and lived everyday as if it was his last.Mitch Albom did a great job in preserving the memory of Morrie.I was deeply touched with the strength Morrie had.


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