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Turman Show Essay

Paradise Lost : The Truman Show & The Garden of Eden
Cristof’s creation and the Garden of Eden parallel on many accounts and
throughout both the simalarities and difference became quite clear . The two worlds
had many elements of utopian thought which makes both worlds perfect . Furthermore ,
that element , utopianism , would make anyone want to leave because through reality
Throughout “The Truman Show ,” and The Garden of Eden there were many
elements that had simlarities between the two worlds of utopia . In the Truman Show and
The Garden of Eden we saw that there was no violence , no crime, no hatred , no
destruction . An example of how The Truman Show had no elements of crime , hatred
or violencewas whenever something bad happend , it was all an act that seconds later
was cleaned up . For example , when Truman went to see what was beyond there was
traffic . Second later in the same place , there was none . In the Garden of Eden , the
reason for no violence , destruction and hatred was simply because that there was only
Adam and Eve . Adam and Ever were alone , no one to influence them …. so they
thought . Another example of similarities was how Seanhaven was the perfect living
environment . Seahaven had everything that anyone that doesn’t know about the outside
world would want such as : places to go to let out frustrations , places to enjoy
themselves but more importantly they made believe that it was reality . The Garden of
Eden has many of the same environmental facts as Seahaven such as the fact that
everything that Adam and Eve needed they received simply because everything was
provided . Adam and Eve needed nothing more then to kill or take what they needed
from the society which in every way was perfect .The final part that had many similar
elements between “The Truman Show ,” and The Garden of Eden was the fact that both
Seahaven and The Garden of Ede…


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