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tv violence

Violence is constantly on our screens whether it be an anvil falling on a cartoon character, the daily news, wrestling matches, a fight in an action movie or a brawl in a sporting event. But does this violence produce behavioral effects in us?The media stresses on this crap too much. Everything doesn't have to be because of what people watch.Politics and the media use TV violence as a sort of scapegoat, and personally I think they are full of crap.Yes, are morals have been slightly altered and we have sort of "gotten used to" seeing blood and gore.But people need to look at other causes too.Too many parents don't put enough time into their children.If a child's parents are not there for them, there is a good chance they are going to grow up with the wrong set of values.Furthermore, if parents don't know between right and wrong, how are we supposed to expect their children to.
Do audiences have the ability to understand what they have seen without being overly influenced?I think they do.I enjoy watching war and action flicks or gruesome cartoons.Who wants to watch something without any action at all?I don't think the things our country fears most are because of movies or TV.What movie were the idiots that did the shooting in Columbine watching that made them shoot all their classmates?Yea, I'm sure the Unabomber watched Die Hard before he came up with the idea in Oklahoma City.Be realistic; there have and always will be a bunch of crazed lunatics in our society.The only difference is that we hear about every single little incident now because of TV, radio, and magazines.Nothing has changed, except that the extent of criminal mischief has grown with the technology.There are no more Western pistols anymore, now there are huge automatic artilleries, nuclear weapons, chemical warfare, and computerized mischief.I believe it is beca!
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