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Twelve Monkeys and La Jetee Comparison.

I believe that Twelve Monkeys and La Jetée both approach memory in the same way. However, they do differ in certain aspects. The main theme of Twelve Monkeys is based on La Jetée, so the core of the film is obviously going to remain the same, or at least close to it. Both films take place in the future, and deal with how the scientists of the dying human race are trying to get a person to time travel and save the future. The main characters in both films are nearly identical in terms of the memory they use to hold on to their reality (The man being shot and the woman's beautiful face.) Although the memories are virtually the same, there is one large difference in their recollection. In Twelve Monkeys, Cole's memory changes throughout the film. After hisfirst trip to the past, he imagines Jeffrey Goines as the man with the red hair at the airport. He is convinced that Goines released the virus, so his memory changes to accommodate his belief. In La Jetée, the main character's memory never changes. This hints that the characters differ in terms of imagination and comprehension of facts.
The movies are also different in terms of how they handle traveling into the past. The main character in La Jetée always knows his time. He never has a doubt that his place is in the lab with the scientists. In Twelve Monkeys, Cole gets "addicted" to the past. The boundaries between the different realities begin to blur and Cole eventually gets confused as to which time is the proper time. At one point in the movie when he is in the past, he tells Dr. Railly that he knows that he is crazy and she has been right the whole time. Luckily, she is already convinced that he was telling the truth and he is from the future, so she gets him back to reality. I believe that in Twelve Monkeys, Cole is made to appear weaker and more "human" so viewers have an easier time relating to the character. La…


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