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Two Gallants are Callous Men

‘Two Gallants are Callous Men’

Try not to let the title fool you.Two Gallants, written by James Joyce, is a short story centered around two callous men.One, Corley, is an older man of some rudeness and has a taste for womanizing.The other is a self-conscience, older man of some weight, named Lenehan. The story begins with a light approach, description of the evening weather and the "illumined pearl" lamps of the street.All of Joyce's stories found in the work, The Dubliners, have a poetic quality that makes the simplest of remarks, beautiful.This story in particular has the evident use of eloquent and flowing language but, in keeping with Joyce's style, is used to mask the perverse subject matter.Underneath the language and examining the adolescent drives in two grown, callous men, is where the real story lies.
As told by Joyce, Corley is an entertaining man who gives the reader pause as pertaining to his adolescent treatment of women.As read by a careful eye, Corley seeks the company of well-to-do girls as a prize and pay off.Through the beginning of the story, he tells his companion, Lenehan, about his latest encounter and his eminent one as well.Often referred to, is the question, as Lenehan puts it, "Corley I suppose you'll be able to pull it off alright?"(31), this referring to Corley's congress with the girl.Lenehan's interest stretches to the point where he wishes permission to see the girl up close, by walking by the two as a stranger, and even follow the two.This voyeurism displays as evidence of perverse subject matter in the piece.
The title is meant as an obvious joke because the two characters are as far from gallants as horses are from dogs.This show of cynicism reflects throughout the story not only the conversations between the main characters but also in Joyce's prose.Corley begins his journey as a night walk with his girl, depart…

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