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Unrequited Love of a midsummer night’s dream

Unrequited love is when one person loves someone but that person is not loved back.Shakespeare and Maureen Daly both used examples of unrequited love in Shakespeare;s play A Midsummer Night;s Dream and Daly;s short story ;Sixteen;.In both these stories unrequited love affected the emotions of some of the characters.
The emotions of Helena in A Midsummer Night;s Dream by William Shakespeare were changed because of unrequited love.In A Midsummer Night;s Dream Helena said, ;Call you me fair…motion of Demetrius; heart; in lines 181-193.In this passage you can tell that Helena was feeling indifferent about the situation.She doesn;t seem mad that Demetrius doesn;t love her.Later in the passage from line 226-249 Helena says ; How happy some…and for this intelligence;In this passage Helena is alone so she really expresses her emotion.The passage shows that now Helena feels angry and this is because unrequited love changed her emotions.Helena from A Midsummer Night;s Dream;s emotions were changed due to unrequited love.
The emotions of the girl from the short story, ;Sixteen; by Maureen Daly were changed because of unrequited love.The narrator says ;For the moon was following us as we walked ducking playfully behind a chimney every time I turned to look at it.; In this quote the emotions of the girl are shown as happy and calm. At this point the girl thinks that the guy walking her home really likes her and this is what makes her fell happy.After this the girl says ;I know what the stars knew all the time- he;ll never, never call- never.;This quote shows the emotions of the girl as being angry and sad.She figured out that the guy was just like any other guy and she knew he would not want to go on another date with her.The girl from the short story, ;Sixteen; by Maureen Daly;s …


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