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Use of costume and make-up in Edward Scissorhands (mise-en-s

• The costume and make-up in "Edward Scissorhands" is used generate feeling and emotions in the audience. There are stark differences in what Edward wears and looks like and what the humans wear and look like. I think that the costumes are supposed to guide the audience in to thinking what kind of characters the people will turn out to be. I think we are supposed to judge the characters by their look, atfirst.
• The humans are dressed in a typical 1950's style. This makes them look very simplistic in their ways, on the outside. The women's clothes are very bright and overly colourful. They are supposed to look very prim and proper. Most of the men are dressed either in work clothes or casual wear, suggesting normality. I think the colours used are supposed to generate the view that the townspeople are all very normal, and everything appears to be alright on the outside. The make-up on the women accents and highlights their look. It is no coincidence that Diane Keaton's character is selling make-up, something used to cover up things. The industry she is involved in represents a very materialistic world and perhaps a fickle society. The houses are also very bright and false looking, almost like doll houses.
• Edward, in contrast, is dressed in dark and dreary clothes. The make-up used on him makes his skin look very pale, very ghostly and pasty. He is very gaunt looking and it gives the appearance of a skull. His clothes are all black, and have buckles on them which is a very gothic look. It is supposed to create the idea that like his appearance,
Edward himself is very scary and sinister. It makes the audience wary of him. I think the costume is to be seen as part of Edward himself. This is a prime example of judging a book by its cover. The differences in look are used to highlight the nature of humankind as a whole. The house Edward lives in is very gothic


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