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Vanilla Sky essay

In the movie Vanilla Sky, Tom Cruise takes on two roles, his characters actual life, and his dream life.The bases of these two roles remain the same.He's a well to do young man from upper manhattan who has just about everything he wants.Money, a promising career, good looks, and a great social life, but the one thing he is missing is experiencing true love, which he later discovers in his dream.Penelapie Cruz plays the object of his affection in this almost perfect dream, and completes the missing part of what he now feels is a perfect "life".Until a glitch in the system forces him to realize that all it is, is a dream.The glitch is then fixed and the time has come for him to make a choice, either stay in the surreal life with his love, or be brought back to the reality.The only catch is he will no longer be living in the world he was once familiar with due to the fact that it is 150 years later.All of his friends and family are long gone, along with his wealth and every other aspect of his life from long ago.Nevertheless, he chooses to return to modern day living, and the movie ends with him being brought back to the real world.Being that he no longer has the same status as he did in the past, I'm sure he will have a better appreciation of life from that point on, and will use the values he gained from living in his dream and apply them to his new lifestyle in the future.


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