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Vanilla Sky

David suffers from schizophrenia, brought on by his cut-short childhood, loneliness, the tension formed due to his questionable relationship with Julie, and eventually, his terrible disfigurement.Using Freud's definition of schizophrenia, David has escaped to an early and secure, possibly childish, state of psychological development, due to the unbearable stress and conflict that surrounds him."The id, as proposed by Freud, is the innermost core of the personality" (Psychology-Frontiers and Applications). Under normal circumstances, it has no direct contact with reality, because it seeks only immediate gratification or release, regardless of rational considerations and environmental realities.In other words, "What it wants, it takes!"By degrading to this early stage of development, David has reduced his minds control of the release of the id, causing his perspective of the world to become wildly warped.
A drunken driver killed both of David's parents when he was very young, removing a large part of the psychological influence, which controls the development of a child.The loss of his mother, of whom he was obviously fond, must have surely been a terrible blow.However, the loss of his father may have been far greater in affecting David's later actions and decisions.In his father's biography, David is mentioned only once, and in passing.The relationship suggested by this "oversight" is one of possible rivalry, disappointment, and unfulfilled expectations.It is possible that Mr. Aames believed David unable to successfully run his company, and David has spent the majority of his life attempting to prove wrong that idea.David's failure to resolve his emotional problems concerning his dadis a source of great anxiety and grief for David.
Despite the people whom he surrounds himself with, David is unable to identify with his friends until he me


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