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varsity blues

"Sports Dominated World: Through the Eyes of Varsity Blues."
Traditionally, sports have been dominated entirely by males, but recently, several attempts have been made to integrate women into this arena.Currently, women are found participating increasingly in sports such as tennis, diving, soccer, basketball, and ice skating among others. However, pop culture that reflects the trend in sports has had a negative effect on the women's sports movement. One movie out of the hundreds that do this is the 1999 football flick Varsity Blues. This motion picture, although it tries to explain the allure football has for a small Texas town, winds up dignifying and idolizing men's role in football. Within the same town of West Canaan women are also subjected to gender stereotypes since they can only be the peppy cheerleader or the sexy co ed. Families also participate in the degradation of football by instilling values in the game and submitting their children to incredible pressure to perform; as if this could somehow influence their reputation and quality of family life. The town as a whole at times either directly or indirectly promotes success in football, instead of education.
Throughout the movie, one can see several instances where football is equated with manliness and men are obliged to submit themselves to intense pain and suffering for the simple performance of a team. Varsity Blues depicts and develops the effects of high school football in small town U.S.A. West Canaan is exactly like Moxon, the protagonist, says in the beginning, "Football is a way of life." Everything from sexual stereotypes to athleticism takes the place of education as the only road to success.The film embarks on the appeal of football for the township: the belief of "escaping" from it and the ticket football bids.
Because no one appears to have any other "ticket out" than football, no one comprehends Mox…


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