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Victims Without "Crimes" : Black Americans

In this article, the reader is given insight into the educational and vocational struggles Black Americans have endured. Being born Black in the United States comes with a stigma, a label if you will, the label of being a failure.Failure is defined simply as the inability to perform.By this definition, Black Americans were incorrectly labeled, in that they were not even given the opportunity to fail.It rather was presumed that Black Americans were inferior to Whites.
As Black Americans moved into northern cities, educators were empowered to make classifications of the students.Tests were given that were racially biased, giving white students better chances to do well.These tests helped to sort the students and prepare them to "fit" into the existing social order.Since blacks were viewed in the same light as crime, prostitution, and disease, they were usually discarded and given up on when it came to education.Did the promise of an education extend to blacks? It did not appear so.
Reforms were needed in education.Blacks and whites alike began to recognize that a black child needed an education in order to be successful in his or her future vocation, or did they?
Education didn't seem to matter to the Blacks going to school because the White employers wouldn't hire them before whites, Unions discriminated against blacks as well.Subsequently, the most educated blacks were still only being offered jobs at the lowest pay, usually in the service industry.It seemed like a waste of time to spend time trying to succeed in school when the level of education you achieved had no correlation onyour future job.It did not make a difference if you stopped going to school in the fourth grade or the tenth grade.Chances were that if you were black, your job would end up being a janitor or another form of unskilled laborer. Good paying prestigious jobs were reserved for whites even when a mor…


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