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For as long as I can remember I have always been fascinated with the procedures of law. I would watch Judge Wapner everyday after school. When I graduated high school I was not sure what I wanted to do. It was not until I read about the school shootings out west, and I was shocked and horrified to learn the ages of the kids who brought the guns to school.It seemed to me that there were an increasing number of young kids committing violent crimes. I was so curious and wanted to know what was causing this problem. That is when I decided to go into the field of Criminal Justice.
I have written many papers and gave several speeches' regarding juveniles and violent crimes. I feel as if we are missing the big picture, our laws that are supposed to protect our children are actually hurting them more. I have criticized several politicians such as Bill Mc Collum on the way they speak about these kids and I think our entire juvenile justice system needs a makeover. One that benefits the children, not lawmakers.
This assignment has given me the opportunity to speak to a former juvenile prosecutor, in which I was able to see things from the other side.I asked 5 questions that I thought would best explain the other side of my views on juveniles and crimes.
1. What is your opinion regarding juveniles who commit crimes?
She said the kids that she saw really deserved their punishment. That if anything the judges were too lenient. That she saw about 80% of these young offenders again and again. That they never learned their lesson thefirst or second time. I was surprised to hear the judges were too lenient. I have always heard the opposite.
2. Do you believe in the death penalty for juveniles?
She does believe in the death penalty for children 16 and 17. I am totally against that. I feel like a person that age still has a chance to become a productive citizen.
So we really disagreed on this question. But I respect h…


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