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Vieled Beauty

Walt Disney’s film Beauty and the Beast in comparison to Roman and Greek Mythologies tale of “Cupid and Psyche.”
Walt Disney said it best when he stated, “True beauty comes from within.”Through precise design and articulation, the creators of the film Beauty and the Beast formed an elegant tale of true love found within the darkness of the unknown.Belle, the films beautiful book-loving heroine, starred as the main character in this Walt Disney classic Beauty and the Beast.It is throughout this film that Belle searches for more than her provincial life yet strangely finds what she was looking for confined within a cold dark mysterious palace.The search for internal beauty, the involvement of sacrifice and the curiosity of women can be traced back to the early days of Roman and Greek Mythology and can be found in present day tales.The passion for obtaining a more fulfilling was also found within Psyche, the protagonist in the Roman and Greek Mythological tale titled “Cupid and Psyche.”Like Belle, Psyche found herself in search for more than what she already had in life.Both magnificent tales, Beauty and the Beast and “Cupid and Psyche,” share similar concepts about beauty found from within and a woman’s desire to curiously search for more than her provincial life.However, both tales have their differences in content and pattern to create a different affect of each tale.
In the tale of Beauty and the Beast, Belle is faced with a terribly frightening situation; she gave up her father and her freedom all in one day.Belle courageously offered herself as the Beast’s prisoner in exchange for her father’s freedom, and as frightened as she may have been, she grew to feel safe within his courtiers.The servants of the palace, Cogsworth the clock, Lumier the candlestick, Mrs. Potts the teapot and Chip the tea cup, served Belle with charming and graceful hospitality, making her feel more and more comfortable with her new li…


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