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violence in the media

This project is to look at violence in the media and to find out whether it influences people and there actions. There have been a lot cases in which people have committed crimes and then said they done this actions because of films. I'm going to look in detail about some of theses and ask people for there opinions about violence in the media. I have got my research from many places. I have included a Video CD with clips from violent films. These films are "Swordfish", "Bad Boys 2", "Blade 2", "X men 2", "Black hawk down", "Snatch" and "Malibu's most wanted"
Violence has always been in the media even since the birth of film. But violence is not only in one visual medium it is also in audio such as the radio and CDs. Over the past 50 years there has been a rapid increase in violence but not only in fictional violence but also in non-fiction such as the news. Could theses two things be related? Looking back through history there has always been violent films. In fact one of thefirst films ever made in the early 1900s showed a woman losing her head. This film left audiences believing that a woman had actually died to make this film or though obviously this is not so. With technology growing and C.G.I. (Computer generated images) films have become more violence and this has enabled more directors who use violent images in there films. A few directors who are known for their violent films are Quentin Tarantino, Guy Ritchie and Michael Bay. Thefirst film clip on the Video CD which I mentioned in my introduction is of a Michael Bay film called "Bad Boys2". As real life violence has increased with the level of violence shown in films is this to say that violent directors such as Michael Bay are responsible for Violence that happens in real life or if someone imitates something they see in film? But do not be miss lead; it is not only film and TV tha…


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