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Voltaire’s philosophical value

Voltaire;s and Leibnizian;s comparison of philosophical values
Candide is a book about the problem of evil. In the book it explains that evil is inconsistent in saying that God created the world, God is perfectly good, human beings are free and the evils resulting from freedom are greater than the goods resulting from that of freedom. To talk about the free will of humans according to Voltaire means that free will is like a cost-benefit analysis. It is believed that the benefits of endowing humans with freedom do not outweigh the costs. Voltaire simply states, the problem of evil may seem to have an easy solution. You can argue that God might create a world containing evil and still have ascribed. On the other hand Leibnizian believes that his optimism of evil is contrary to Voltaier. He believes that not only must the good in the world outweigh the evil, but also good and evil must be so related that God could not have improved the overall ratio of good to evil in any way. To understand or look at Candide is to look at the extended attempts to show how ridiculous Leibaizians optimism is. Voltaire does not consider Leibniz;s reasons for thinking that God created the world, God is omniscient and perfectly good and this is the best of all the possible worlds. Voltaire concentrates on making fun of the Leibnizians topic of ;this is the best of all possible worlds,; within his book.
Leibniz does not take the same attitude as Voltaire does to ;there is no other possible world in which God could have created which would have been better than this one.; Leibniz recognizes that we might be inclined to think that, but he thinks that comes from our finiteness, which has the consequence that we are unable to grasp the whole of any one possible world in all its complexity. This means that given different possible worlds we would be unable to grasp the complexity of any one world. To say this means that Le


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