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Wait Until Dark Anaylsis

Part 1:Which subcatagory does this movie fit
Out of the suspense thriller subcatagories I think this movie is a mixture of two; the psychotraumatic thriller and the thriller of moral confrontation.Although this movie doesn`t completely fit into one catagory, it is a definitive suspense thriller.
The definition the book gives of psychotraumatic thriller is ” a thriller organized around the pschotic effects of a trauma on a protoganist`s current involvement in a love affair and a crime or intrigue”.The book goes on to say that the protagonist is “always a victim of some past trauma and often real villains take advantage of his or her masochistic guilt”.Wait Until Dark fits the definition of the psychotraumatic thriller in many ways.Firstly, the main character, Susie, is newly blinded. She is married to Sam but isn`t sure if he is having an affair or not.Susie is also manipulated by real villains in the form of henchmen out to get a doll full of drugs that serendipitly landed in the hands of Sam.While Sam leaves Susie at home these villains enter the home using disguises and pretending to be a cast of different people in a plot to get the doll.These henchmen play on Susie`s lack of self confidence due to her blinding.
This movie also fits equally as well into the definition of the moral confrontation thriller which is “organized around an overt antithetical confrontation between a character representing good or innocence and a character representing evil”.Susie is clearly good.Her naieve character is eager to please and determined to prove her capability.The villians are evil, caught up in a world of murder, drugs and thievery (the exception being the character Mike Talman who tries to redeem himself at the end of the movie by attempting to save Susie).Some of the empasized dualities between good and evil in this movie is the clothing and the slang.Susie


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