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Walking with Dinosaurs

In Walking With Dinosaurs, the film is segmented into stories based on a certain type of dinosaur or a specific period in dinosaur evolution.
Thefirst segment of the film focuses on thefirst dinosaurs, in the Triassic period, 220 million years ago.The Coelophysis is featured here.They show the Coelophysis hunting Placerias, an ancient reptile not related to dinosaurs. They show how the speed and agility of the Coelophysis helped it survive and dominate.Another reptile featured in this segment is the Cynodont.These creatures are referred to in the film as the missing link between mammals and reptiles.They had backbones that moved from side to side as they walked, but they were also covered with fur.The largest carnivore of the period is the Postosuchus.This reptile is a distant relative of the dinosaurs.They only creature that they had to protect themselves from was another Postosuchus. The flying reptile of this period that the documentary shows is the Peteinosaurus.This dinosaur had fingers to protect his wings, which were made of a very fine membrane.
The next period they explore is the Jurassic, about 152 million years ago.They describe this as the age of the giants.Thefirst dinosaur they feature is the Diplodocus.They emphasize the length and massive size of the dinosaur, and then go on to show the life span of the Diplodocus from egg to adult.Thefirst Carnisaur shown in this segment is the Ornitholestes, a dinosaur with a crested head and two long clawed fingers. These dinosaurs are connected to the line that led to birds.Stegosauri were also around in this period.They flushed blood into their back plates to frighten away carnivores.Allosaurus preyed on the herbivores of this period as well. The final moments of this segment are dedicated to the Brachiosaurus, a Sauropod much larger than the Diplodocus.
Still in the Jurassic period, they move the focus from l…


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