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Wall street the movie

1)Gordon Gekko is played by Michael Douglas.In the film, he is an egotistical,
power hungry, greedy, millionaire.Gordon will do anything for money, no matter
what the cost to himself . He used all of the people are him to his advantage and
then disposed of them when he was done. This can be seen as both a strength
and a weakness.He was a very ambitious character that would not give up until
the bitter end.Once this ambitious gets out of control though, it can also bring
you down lead to your demise. The only thing he valued was his money and he
had no moral values.The only thing that he sum what respected was
partnership, but he even broke his promises to his own partners in the case of
Bud and Blue Star Airlines. As for his social values, he remains a respectable
upper class businessman, who acts as if he doesn't have a flaw on him. In his
personal life he has everything he could possibly want, but all he sees his
possessions as are points on the score board of life. I admire the man for his
ambition and a business man becomes the job he is in is a kill or be killed
business.However, there are more legal ways he could have done his killing
instead of taking all of the short cuts in life.
Bud Fox is a broker for brokerage firm on Wall Street. As an entry level
worker, his job is to call projective clients offering second-hand advice to buying
and selling stocks. As soon as he meets Gordon Gekko, he places the man on a
pedestal. Gordon is the kind of man that he wants to be; successful millionaire
that is on the opposite side of the sale pitch. Fox is very alike Gekko in that they
two are incredibly ambitious.Every day for 39 days, he calls Gekko’s office for
an appointment and finally gets one.As soon as the two meet, Fox slowly starts
to lose the hard working morals that he had set forth in his mind and becomes
more like Gekko. He was so set on obtaining Gekko …


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