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Walt Disney’s Racial Segregation and Gender Separation

Since the early part of the twentieth century, Walt Disney Pictures have strived to bring to life the legend, folk and fairy tales of some of the most famed authors through the creative use of language and imagery.These stories with all their fantastical elements and revolutionary imagery helped draw interest from young and old alike.Walt Disney aspired to not only offer a delightful entertainment experience, but also to provide some relevant moral education.Through the media of the motion picture, Walt Disney preached as its agenda to strengthen and improve the quality of life in post World War II America.It was their mission to present an ideal image of what was believed to be the model American family unit.The overwhelming moral of each and every Walt Disney picture was the coming together of this family unit.We can see the apparent reality of their agenda in movies such as ;Beauty and the Beast;, and ;Snow White;.With this agenda, however, we see some fatal characteristic flaws.It is apparently clear that through this agenda Walt Disney Pictures promotes negative stereotypes, while attempting to label, degrade, and pigeonhole individuals of race and gender.This allows Walt Disney Pictures to impress upon people of weak character and engrave in society a social conception of intolerance towards those of both race and gender.
The moral of each Walt Disney Picture is inherently good in nature, however, we see that it is the accompanying language and imagery in the course of the storyline which is the media for providing a negative image of race and gender.Walt Disney Pictures are influenced by and based upon the great fairy tales written by people such as Charles Perrault, and the Grimm brothers.This adaptation of these fairy tales allows Walt Disney a visual license and an artistic imagination to present the ideals and morals of these famed authors.Since the character dialogue is obeye…


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