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war of the worlds

War of the Worlds
H.G Wells
In the novel “The War Of The Worlds” The writer H.G. Wells describes an attack
on the earth by Martians from Mars who can use heat rays and crushing power to kill any
kind of human resistance. This may sound like a movie plot from the some science fiction
movie from the seventies; but it’s actually a novel written in eighteen ninety-eight.
“War of The World” is a great example of how important literature can be in determining
our future. It future goes on to tell us about the human sprit also it makes a political
statement about the Victorian imperialism.
How about a writer that predicted tactical battlefield lasers, chemical weapons,
armored mechanical fighting vehicles. Impressive stuff from a person who use to take a
horse-drawn carriage to work, giving us concept about battlefield lasers.
This is the best example of how literature can help us predict future and what it holds for
us. If we try to look at any literature from thousands of years ago like the Egyptians or
any modern literature you will find knowledge, ever book has to offer us some thing but
usually people don’t look at the big picture. Knowledge is the key to success, in the novel
“War Of The Worlds” the writer tells us what the future has in hold for us.
H.G Wells tells us about x-rays and lasers and their destructive force which we are
learning about after over hundred years. Writers are great thinkers and their
knowledge gives them the power of seeing the future and the advancement that can


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