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War of the Worlds

The First Cylinder

Throughout the story people have many different reactions to the martians, but none were as drastically different as their reactions to thefirst cylinder that landed. Most people were curious about it in the beginning. These reactions changed however to fear and utter chaos.
Right after thefirst cylinder landed everyone in Woking and the surrounding towns and communities were full of curiosity.They all came to see the fallen meteorite on Horsell Common, but what they thought was a fallen meteorite was actually a large cylinder.After finding out this information the towns people started thinking of a way to open it because they thought there were people inside. Quite a large group people had gathered around the cylinder by this time, and all of a sudden the end of the cylinder started to unscrew by itself. The cylinder finally opened and the martians emerged. Atfirst sight of these ugly creatures everyone ran in fear, but their curiosity got to most of them and they slowly crept back toward the pit.Large puffs of green smoke and fire started to come from the cylinder and finally "a humped shape rose out of the pit and the ghost of a beam of light seemed to flicker out from it." Suddenly everything this almost invisible beam of light touched began to burst into flames. "It was as if each man were suddenly and momentarily turned to fire." At sight of this the people's reactions were turned to extreme fear and absolute pandemonium. In this short period of a few hours the peoples reactions changed from curiosity to fear back to curiosity the to complete and utter chaos.
This is a good example of how peoplesfirst impressions or reactions to something can be change in a very short period of time just by learning a little something about it. If these people had not been so curious they might have stood a chance against thisfirst attack against. …

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