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War of the Worlds

Pages Read: 1- 9
Quote and React: In the start of chapter one, the author introduces countless scientific facts and details about the Earth and Mars.He refers to humans as vain, "blinded by vanity," and serene.While reading how he was describing our race, I realized how small and helpless humans really are in comparison to the Universe, or possibly other intelligences.I always thought of Earth as such a powerful and prosperous place.But in reality, it isn't near to what I believed.We have never found any other living species outside our planet, we destroy our own kind everyday, and we would be as helpless as a newborn if someday we were in the path of a massive asteroid or other planet.That author then goes on to describe the Martians from Mars as the superior species and that they are the ones that are observing us, while most people believe that this is backwards, and that us humans on earth are the ones in control.

Pages Read: 9-14
Relate: During chapter three, the commotion and excitement of the cylinder being opened is described.Personally, if I were in the crowd surrounding the scene, I would want to be in the front row with all the other curious and somewhat brave people, to ensure that I saw every movement and event that took place.To have a foreign object crash into earth without much warning would almost certainly be a once in a lifetime occurrence.As I read on, the fright and unknowingness that struck all the people surrounding the pit was illustrated.I would have thought that there would be police cars or some sort of authority controlling the situation or blocking it off completely with such a rare incident unfolding.I also think that I would have gotten scared and possibly ran away when the Martians began to emerge from their cylinder.There was no telling what they would do to the earth once they landed, let alone the surrounding group of unsuspecting people.So eventually, I…

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