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Warriors Dont Cry book report

Historical Event Depicted -The integration that took place in Little Rock
1. Melba Pattillo- the author and narrator of the book; She was 15 when the integration took place
2. Lois Peyton(mother Lois )- Melbas mother, who was also a teacher ; She was very strong and supportive
3. India Peyton(Grandma India)- Melba’s grandmother who lived with the family and gave her great wisdom.
5. Ernie- oldest of the 9 integrated; he was going into his senior year
6. Terry- another of the integrated, he was a junior
7. Jefferson- One of the “Little Rock Nine”
8. Elizabeth- another of the “Little Rock Nine”, she was very quiet, but the experience helped her open up.
9. Thelma- One of the “Little Rock Nine”, she had a heart problem and was one of Melba’s close friends
10. Caroltta- another of the integrated
11. Minnijean- another of the “Little Rock Nine”, also a close friend of Melba’s
12. Gloria- took part in the integration
13. Vince- Melba’s crush, who she gets to go out with occasionally
14. Link- A white boy, who helps Melba secretly, which many times saved her life because of the harsh things that took place inside the school.
-After the Supreme Court ruled that segregated schools were illegal in the Brown vs. the Board of Education of Topeka trial, Little Rock School Board decided to limit integration to Central High, but it wouldn’t take place until September, 1957; Several black students in the school district decided to integrate.
-In February 1956, the NAACP filed a lawsuit in the federal district court to make school integrate immediately, but lost: Yet by August Thurgood Marshall and the NAACP ended up getting permission to start.
-The day before school opens, the governer Faubus calls the Arkansas National Guard to the High, and the day school opens the integrating students don’t go, and that


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