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Wayside School Gets a Little Stranger by Louis Sachar

“Wayside School Gets a Little Stranger”
The novel, “Wayside School Gets a Little Stranger” by Louis Sachar is a story about a group of students that get horrible substitutes while their real teacher is having a baby.This book is very humorous and it is a good book to read when you have nothing to do.
The students of Mrs. Jewls’s class are full of polite, obnoxious, silly, and well-spirited students.When the students return to school after experiencing other schools for 243 days, the author explains how each student acts and functions.When they write poems about different colors, the author writes how each student thinks and expresses themselves.
The students of Ms. Jewls’s class have to experience three different substitute teachers that all give the students trouble.The students are constantly fighting the teachers technically.However, there are times when there is nothing that they can do about it.The students often start to hate each other because of the teachers’ actions.The students are constantly trying to find a way to get rid of their substitute teachers.The climax of the story is when the students meet Ms. Nogard.She causes the students to literally hate each other.Ms. Nogard used her ability to read people’s minds to make the students hate each other.Ms. Nogard’s third ear (on the top of her head) allows her to do this.
The students are not able to stop Ms. Nogard, but Ms. Jewls does when she comes back with her baby.Then Louis (the yard teacher) realized he loved Ms. Nogard, even with her third ear.Then, Ms. Nogard was touched and she became really nice.The students changed back to normal when Ms. Jewls came back with her baby.The students didn’t realize that hey were going to have a hard time with the substitutes, but they changed and learned to respect people for who they are.
I can relate to the characters’ personality because I am very intelligent, fun


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