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Webonomics, by Evan I. Schwartz, is a practical, strategic tool for positioning and growing your business in the today's exploding World Wide Web economy.Schwartz addresses the unique problems and rewards businesses can expect to encounter when conducting business in cyberspace.He also dispels some of the most common misconceptions about doing business on the Web.More importantly, Schwartz targets the key to business success on the Web:understanding consumer behaviors and expectations.
From scores of case studies, Schwartz has formulated nine guidelines for growing your business on the Web.Schwartz's analysis of these cases clearly explains why some businesses thrive and others fail miserably on the Web.To illustrate Schwartz's nine principles of Webonomics, this synopsis includes only a handful of his case studies.
To apply his nine principles, Schwartz warns that we mustfirst understand the motivations behind four main groups involved in the Web economy:The consumers, the content creators, the marketers, and the infrastructure companies (3).The consumers are in the driver's seat.They expect to make the Web a place of their own, a place of customized information and relationships.The content creators are those ventures that inhabit the Web and attempt to inform and amuse visitors.Content creators attempt to enhance their brand image and somehow make their Web sites profitable ventures.The marketers represent the thousands of companies that are promoting and selling products and services.The marketers who use a traditional approach to advertise, market, and sell their product on the Web will fall short of success.Finally, the infrastructure companies are selling the tools (hardware and software) to reach this digital landscape.Keeping these four main groups in mind, we now examine Schwartz's nine principles of Webonomics.
Principle 1:Quality of Experience, Not Quantit…


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