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What are the genre conventions of the Rocky Horror Picture S

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is not just one type of genre it is a mixture of four different genres. The genres are; horror, sci-fi, musical and b-movie.
This film has a very complex iconography, as it is such an unusual mix of genres. As it is part horror you would expect to see; death, blood, killers and victims. As part of a musical you expect to see people singing and dancing a lot. As part of a sci-fi you expect to see; special effects, strange creatures and aliens. This film dose mostly meets your expectations but what it is really doing is playing with your expectations. Like the sci-fi aspect is the fact that everyone except for Brad, Janet and Dr. Scott are from another planet, the horror aspect is actually a rip off from Dr. Frankenstein with the creation of life (Dr. Frank-N-Furter builds a man) and the musical aspect is that in nearly every scene there is a song being sung.
The thematic concerns of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, I feel, is about how people saw homosexuals/transsexuals, in the 1970's when the fear of homosexuals was high, as aliens form another planet, as they do not have the same sexuality preferences. People feared them, as they did not understand them and their choice of living. There is also the notion that transsexuals have no morals and the price you pay for being associated with a transsexual is that they will try to turn you in to a transsexual.
The Rocky Horror Picture Show represents, mostly, the sexuality and the exploration of sexuality of the characters. For example Brad starts out being totally straight, so straight he doesn't think about there even being homosexuals let alone associating with them and he is engaged to Janet. But halfway through he has sexual intercourse with Dr. Frankinferter and enjoys it. This was very disturbing for men who saw this film when it wasfirst released and even now days some men still find it disturbing to watch.


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