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What do you Leanrn About Scouts reationship in the novel

What do you learn about Scouts relationships in thefirst three chapters of the novel?
· structure your work in 4 main paragraphs, each focusing on Scout's relationship with the characters
· use plenty of quotations in each paragraph to support your points
· where relevant use terms such asfirst person narrator, irony, satire and imagery
· conclude by summing up what qualities Scout has.
Lee establishes Scout as thefirst person narrator and in this way Scout is the subject of portrayal. In thefirst three chapters Lee introduces the reader to other characters such as Atticus Scouts father, Jem her brother, Miss Caroline Fisher her teacher and Calpurnia the family cook. Atticus is a very affectionate father who tries to the best for Scout, as she has no mother to influence her.Lee creates Atticus into a wise character. He has a lot of respect for the black and others that the town dislike. Atticus has time for his family although he is conscientious in his job. He has taught Scout many a skill, for example how to read. Although Scout does not acknowledge this, "He hasn't taught me anything, Miss Caroline"(Pg 19 line 6). At the end of the chapter Atticus teaches Scout two very important lessons. One of which is to compromise, "do you know what a compromise is?" Lee also ensures that Atticus teaches Scout not to treat people differently no matter what your opinion is of them, "You never really understand a person until you consider things from their point of view-until you climb into his skin and walk around in it "(Pg 33 line11). This is one of the most important lessons Scout learns. Scout admires Atticus, they read every night and talk of the days happenings.
Lee creates Jem as the older brother so there is someone to protect Scout. Jem and Scout get along reasonably well. Jem does like to be seen as a coward. Thi


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