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What Does it Take to Survive – The Deer Hunter

Since the beginning of time, man has believed that survival would only be for these whom were the fittest.But what does it take to survive?If one were to ponder this, they would come to the conclusion that survival is based nearly on moral support.
Looking at the movie "The Deer Hunter", three friends volunteered to enter America's Fight in the Vietnam War. Throughout their adventure these three go through a trying time of being prisoners of war to falling from moving helicopters. Mike, played by Robert DeNiro, is the dominant one of the three friends.He supports Nick and Steve's actions through comfort and motivation.
How did these friends survive or did they?Take Steve for example, he fell from a helicopter resulting in a compound fracture to his left leg.How did he get through this time?It was a direct result of the will that Mike has to survive with his "brother".In the case of Nick he was not as fortunate as Steve, who depressed on Mike.He lost his life in a game of Russian Roulette.To no avail, Mike begged and pleaded with him in hopes that he could save his friend from an untimely death.
What does it take to survive?Many are born with the shear will and determination to live, being called the "fittest".Others are not born with these characteristics, but does that mean they have no chance of survival?No, these less fortunate must find someone to support them such as Mike.
In conclusion, the movie, "The Deer Hunter" exemplifies the thought that survival is only to these whom have the support of the one's around them.Fortunately for Mike, he was born with the will to survive.So the question remains "what does it take to survive?"If one was not fortunate enough to be blessed at birth of being the fittest it is imperative that they find someone to lean on in any time of need.


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