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What fits by Eisen

What Fits is an extremely personal and candid hypertext novella authored by Adrienne Eisen. The novella is an intimate account of a period of hard times in a young woman's life.As the main characters' struggles with life, careers, and relationships are laid out the audience gets a better feel for some of the characters' less than traditional ways of thinking and living. As Eisen develops her character a strong sexual theme is apparent and continues throughout the novella. The Characters' less than traditional ways of thinking and living can be applied to the way she sees and deals with sexuality. Often times authors will use sexuality to express something about a character that might not be so obvious. Why did Adrienne Eisen choose to develop her character with this untraditional approach to sexuality and what does she want it to say about her character.
From the beginning the main characters' sexuality is prevalent. Nearly every screen alludes to sex or sexuality in some way, and usually in the most inappropriate way. This is where the non-traditional factor comes in. Eisen's character will bring up sexor write words that would conjure a sexual image when it would seem to be most inappropriate or out of the blue. For example, at a point when Tano was showing her pictures the character describes how Tano "rests the album vertically on her pubic hair line". Eisen could have stated that the album was placed vertically along her abdomen and the idea of the screen would have been unaltered. Eisen is trying to emphasis the characters sexuality and show that it plays a large role in her life. So large that it spills into other parts of her life when it would seem inappropriate. Sexuality is so incorporated into the characters' thoughts that it can seem to be a random thought that just pops out of her head. For Example upon examining Tano one night the character states," He needs a hai…


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