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What is 'emotional labour' and how is it a commercialisation

"Emotional labour is an element of work activity in which the worker is required to display certain emotions in order to complete work tasks in the way required by an employer." (Organizing and Managing Work, Tony J.Watson, 2002, chapter 5).
Analyses of emotional labour are crucial for labours to fully appreciate the emergence of'the new workplace'.Emotional labour was the main human capacity sold to an employer, Hochschild estimated in 1983 that one-third of all employment in the US and half of that performed by women could be classified as such. From it we can see that emotional labour has increased since the early 1980s, and it has been widely used in service sector.
In this essay, I will give you an idea on the nature of emotional labour within the new workplace and specifically focus upon how to control the feeling management of employees, also including the commercialisation of human feelings.
In private social life, emotional labour is always having called for the management of feeling .What is human feeling? Hochschild define feelings, like emotion, as a sense, like the sense of hearing of sight. We often say that we try to feel, but how can we do this? Feeling is not the thing inside of us, but they are not independent of acts of management.In managing feeling, we contribute to the creation of it.
Hochschild (1983) identifies two forms of emotional labour, wherein employees can induce or suppress feeling as part of the labour process: surface acting and deep acting.
1. Surface acting is pretending'to feel what we do not …we deceive others about what we really feel, but we do not deceive ourselves'. It is a way that we try to change how we outwardly appear, for example, In surface acting, the expression on my face or the posture of my body feels "put on". It is not "part of me".Actors act this are much better than very small children, because actors can …


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