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What life is

This story still reminds me of something even though I read it a week ago.When I was reading this story, I felt so sad because ten years after the main character's life after she lost the necklace, was really wild and rough.This story made me think about life.We do not know what will happen to us tomorrow or in the future.
Many people desire to live very well, or in other words, very rich.Mathilde was lower class.She had no clothes, no jewelry and no house.The beginning of this story explained why her life was so hard because of poverty.If she had been rich, her life would not have changed for the worse so easily.After she lost the necklace, which she borrowed from her friend, what little hope she had was gone.A line in the story said, "at the end of a week they had lost all the hope"(Maupassant 6).I think a hopeless life is a dead life.If someone could have switched places with her, he or she might have died because he or she could not live without hope in the future.However, she was smart; she and her husband decided to replace the necklace.When they found a necklace exactly like the one they looked for, they could replace it.However, they borrowed a lot of money and their lives became too hard.Mathilde and her husband had too many jobs, which made their lives meaningless.They had no rest for ten years.After ten years passed, she had a bitter smile while she thought about her past."Mme Loisel looked old now….But sometimes, when her husband was at the office, she sat down near the window, and she thought of that gay evening of long age, of that ball where she had been so beautiful and so feted."(Maupassant 7)I could imagine what this scene looked like.She must have looked older than others her age.She would have missed her beautiful skin, graceful body, charming hair and so on.
This passage made me imagine about how strange one's life ca


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