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Thesis: In the novel The Great Gatsby F. Scott Fitzgerald uses eyes symbolically.
Essentially, there is one thing that helps you determine what you are doing. The process of flipping an image so fast from upside down to right side up is one mystery of the eyes. The eyes are what help most people through the day. Being able to see what someone is doing is a wonderful gift. Seeing love form and mold before your eyes or seeing a heart brake happen. In the novel The Great Gatsby F. Scott Fitzgerald uses eyes symbolically.
F. Scott Fitzgerald uses the eyes of Dr. T. J. Eckelberg as a symbol of God seeing everything that is going on. His eyes are "above the grey land" (27) looking over the town. Everywhere the characters go Doctor Eckelberg's "persistend (stere)"(28) is there. Doctor Eckelbergs eyes are watching Tom going to see Myrtle at the garage. He watches an affare happen before his eyes. Toward the end of the book the eyes are watching again when Tom and Myrtle get into their accident. "God knows what (they've) been doing"(167) so he knew abou6t the affare all along but he was the only one seeing it happen. Doctor Eckelberg "had just emerged…from the dissolving night"(167) making him the only witness to the accident. He saw a love grow stronger when Tom took the fault for what happened to Myrtle.
A man named owl eyes is another symbol of seeing something happen. He sees a wreck happening. The wreck was supposedly an accident, but "right side up but violently shorn of one wheel" (58) puts up an argument. Owl Eyes didn't even seem to care he just "(washed) his hands of the whole matter" (59). But he saw that someone else was driving the car. The accident must have not had an impact because they didn't "notice (they'd) stopped"(60).
And finally the eyes of Nick are used throughout the book because he is telling the sto


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