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What theme or themes have you found in a feature film you ha

What theme or themes have you found in a feature film you have studied this year, which are relevant to a modern audience?
The film,'Blade Runner: Director's Cut,' (BRDC) directed by Ridley Scott, explores a major theme that is relevant to us as a modern audience. The main theme is the questioning of humanity. This film forces the viewer to really wonder what humanity actually is, and how human we are. It forces us as the viewer to question our values, and to ponder over the difference between human and inferior beings.
In,'BRDC,' the main theme is the question of what is humanity? One of the ways we wonder this, is through the replicants. Replicants are genetically engineered beings, or clones that are illegal on Earth. A number of rebel replicants have escaped from their'off-world' colony to Earth, where they wish to seek more life from their creator. They are only given a four-year life span. The film follows Deckard (Harrison Ford) as he is given the task of finding the replicants and'retiring' or killing them. This forces us as the viewer to question the humanity issues of this. We wonder if it is right to kill something that will only last four years. For example, the replicants appear to be human as is seen at the beginning, when the replicant Leon cares so much about his mother that he shoots another man for trying to talk about her. In fact, replicants do not have a mother but are implanted with the memory of one. The fact that the subject of his mother provoked such an emotional response from Leon, shows that he does possess human qualities, despite claims from the creator Tyrell that replicants can not experience human emotion. Leon shows in this scene that he does possess emotions, and while the viewer questions his humanity as he kills another man, they are also forced to question the humanity issues of killing them. They appear to be normal human beings, yet they m


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